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Transforms learning and thinking through a gamified environment.
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through challenges in real-life scenarios where the student is the protagonist.
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skills today
for tomorrow’s professionals.
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CloudLabs Virtual STEM laboratories allow you to:

CloudLabs Virtual STEM
Learning units CloudLabs

Learning units

They reinforce the theoretical content of the laboratory practices.

Support Channels CloudLabs

Support Channels

Through these channels, you will receive support services related to the operation of applications, user activation, and/or licenses.

Make your inquiry through these channels to receive attention to your request.

CloudLabs Academy is a support platform for teachers where you will find video tutorials accompanied by pedagogical guides for the development of your classes!

It is available in English and Spanish.

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Institutions who trust us

What our users say about us

Fernando Carrascal
Fernando Carrascal
'It complements the primary knowledge given in our pedagogical planning according to the results inherent in the competencies and 2. According to the current social situation, it is a strategic tool for our learners to interact and feel that this application is identical to the real situations of job'
Center of Industry and Services
Henry Vanegas
Henry Vanegas
‘I recommend CloudLabs because it is a good resource that facilitates planning and implementation of training through a friendly platform that is also very well constructed, pedagogically speaking. It generates a particular interest in students by challenging them to solve situations that resemble what they will face in real life’.
CDTCI - Quindio
Center for the Technological Development of Construction and Industry
Fenita del Pilar García
‘I recommend CloudLabs because it is a practical way of teaching electricity to construction apprentices. It is very innovative at this pandemic time. Explanations are very assertive and instructors are very attentive when requesting information or solving any doubt.
SENA - Arauca
Center for the Development and Management of Agroindustry.
Julián Nicolás Cruz
‘I recommend CloudLabs because it is a platform that allows the simulation of a real environment taken to virtuality Additionally, it guides apprentices of each procedure focused on some specific areas. It is also an interactive platform, easy to access and with diverse contents in different simulations’.
SENA - Mosquera
Center of Agricultural Biotechnology
Clara Villabona
Clara P. Villabona
‘I recommend CloudLabs because of its interactivity, support and mentoring, as well as up-to-date and easy-deployment tools. What I like most about CloudLabs is the variety of updated contents and the easy management of practices’.
SENA - Santander
Industrial Center for Comprehensive Maintenance
Diana Isabel León
‘I recommend CloudLabs because I consider it is a tool that allows apprentices to interact in a virtual way with activities related to a laboratory, identify materials, equipment, procedures and reactions that belong to that specific space’.
SENA - Valle
National Center ASTIN
Diana Victoria Aguilar
‘Regarding the training offered, I found it very appropriate. Additionally, you provided our institution with an additional training session. Personally, I find your software very applicable to physics and chemistry areas’.
Foundation department
Pascual Bravo University Institute
Augusto Fabián Del Carpio
‘CloudLabs laboratories are very good products, they have experiences of laboratory practices, even at a professional level and that is good because students know in a virtual way some processes that in real life they cannot even imagine from time to time’.
Biology Teacher
Erwin Francisco Purizaca
‘All in accordance. Congratulations for the good product that you offer us, very didactic, attractive to students and it has served as a very eligible tool at this pandemic times’.
de Ato Juan Velasco Alvarado
Physics Teacher
Ismael González Cabrera
‘In general, the product and service provided are excellent. I reiterate that, in a personal way, I find your tool very efficient and productive. Thank you very much for your attention and dedication’.
Ad Maiora School
Physics Teacher
Rene Alejandro Luna
‘The product and service are excellent, which is why it is necessary to generate permanent links with educational and governmental institutions, in order to have access to your benefits more frequently’.
Automation and Robotics Teacher

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