cloudlabs virtual stem
Virtual STEM
transforms learning and thinking through a gamified environment.
cloudlabs virtual stem
We foster
through challenges in real-life scenarios where the student is the protagonist.
cloudlabs virtual stem
We develop
for tomorrow’s professionals.

CloudLabs Virtual STEM transforms learning and thinking through a gamified environment aimed at tomorrow's professionals

Experience at Elizabeth District Schools!

Students and teachers in 7 New Jersey schools have seen how the use of gamified simulation environments can improve their science and math skills.

We focus on

three educational levels

CloudLabs Mathematics enables an understanding of mathematics as a tool for solving science, engineering, and technology challenges


CloudLabs has specialized areas for middle school, where you will find 274 simulations and 64 learning units

Middle and High

At CloudLabs, higher education students will be able to put their knowledge to the test in more than 266 simulations and 71 learning units


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Vocational Areas

Gamified simulation environments

CloudLabs Virtual STEM includes you to:

CloudLabs virtual STEM laboratories allow students to interact through an intuitive and gamified environment, integrating the STEM model






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Certified Teachers

36+ Countries

using CloudLabs

Our Pedagogical Approach

Our Pedagogical Approach

Our pedagogical approach incorporates STEM model elements and active methodologies that foster team work and promote knowledge construction, skills development, and meaningful learning. Through the use of real-world scenarios and situations, students are able to gain a better understanding of the concepts and how to apply them to everyday situations.

Our self-training platform for teachers provides a comprehensive and interactive experience. It includes video tutorials, step-by-step guides, integrating project and additional resources to help teachers develop effective laboratory practices.

It is available in english, portuguese, turkish and spanish.

CloudLabs Academy is a support platform for teachers where you will find video tutorials accompanied by pedagogical guides for the development of your classes

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