CloudLabs is an educational environment that implements active learning methodologies in real contexts

About us

CloudLabs Virtual STEM is a product developed by Innovative Education S.A.S.

Innovative Education

For over 12 years, this company has been providing tailored educational solutions to the Edtech industry while incorporating science, technology, and innovation into projects targeting different educational levels in the public and private sectors.

CloudLabs is a virtual learning environment composed of learning units and laboratory simulators, more than 560 practices in STEM and vocational areas.


Innovative Education is a customized educational solution company committed to human development, and active participation in society and the working world through the design, implementation, and execution of projects for public and private entities. The projects integrate access, use, and appropriation of information and communication technologies, as well as modern methodologies as a tool for learning, creativity, and scientific, technological, and cultural advancement.


By 2030, our vision is to become a leading company in the national and international market, providing tailored, innovative, and high-quality solutions that directly impact public and private educational institutions. Our approach will leverage the use of new technologies and modern methodologies in order to meet the needs of society and the productive world.

Educational projects implemented

Innovative Education has been at the forefront of research and development, providing cutting-edge educational solutions to students and educators. They include virtual contents for distance and virtual learning, the integration of STEM Mobile Classrooms and laboratory equipment, the development of virtual courses, bilingualism initiatives, remote laboratories implementation, and CloudLabs simulation environments.

CloudLabs experiences

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