Alliance between Santillana and CloudLabs to promote scientific, logical and mathematical thinking.

– The agreement aims to provide the country’s schools with the possibility to transform classrooms into attractive, fun, and dynamic educational environments through STEM simulators.

– Students will be able to acquire skills in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, through the Challenge-Based Learning-approach.

– They will learn by doing through gamified activities with 263 simulations in areas such as physics, biology, chemistry, and mathematics.

To develop STEM skills in students, Santillana signed an agreement with the CloudLabs platform, 100% online. This platform facilitates learning in real contexts that pose everyday life situations and teaches how to solve them.

Teachers will be able to measure their students’ progress through challenges and achievements, as the platform includes a classroom management system that allows them to track the performance of each student. CloudLabs is easily integrated into each school’s platform.

Students can recreate laboratory operations, circuits, in vitro cultures, cell scale models and natural phenomena, among others, starting with a review of concepts and keys necessary to carry out their practical. They will navigate in a 100% virtual and interactive environment that will turn their computers, cell phones and tablets into experimental laboratories, in which they will have fun while developing 21st century strategic skills, such as problem solving, teamwork, decision making and innovation.

These benefits allow children and young people to put into practice the knowledge learned in the classroom in a real and meaningful way, which they will be able to use in their daily lives and their future professional lives.

Press contact: Isabel Cristina Ballén Espinosa. Cellphone: 3115010685.



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