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This website uses first-party and third-party cookies in order to improve users’ experiences on the website and to provide information and suggestions in accordance with your preferences and browsing habits. It is important for us that you read and accept our cookie policy.


  1. The site: refers to the website
  2. User: the person who accesses or uses the website.
  3. Cookies: a cookie is a small piece of data that some websites install on your hard drive when you visit them. A cookie file can contain information such as a user ID, which the website uses to track the pages visited, but the only personal information that a cookie can contain is information that you create yourself. Generally, cookies work by assigning you a unique number which has no meaning beyond the website that created it. A cookie cannot read data from your hard drive, nor read cookies created by other websites.
  4. Technical cookies: these allow users to navigate a website, platform or application and use different options or services, such as controlling data transmission, identifying the session, accessing areas of restricted access, remembering the elements of an order, making purchases, signing up for participation in events, using security elements during browsing, storing content for broadcasting videos or sound or sharing content on social networks.
  5. Personalization cookies: these allow the user to access the service with some predefined general characteristics based on a series of critera from the user terminal, such as language, type of browser used to access the service, regional settings used to access the service, etc.
  6. Analytics cookies: these allow us to monitor and analyze your browsing behavior on our website in order to create browsing profiles and introduce improvements to our services based on the analysis of your user data. This enables us to obtain anonymous information about the date and time of the user’s last visit to our website and to access the content that they selected on the last visit.
  7. Advertising cookies: these allow us to efficiently manage the advertising spaces included on this website. These cookies store information about your behavior that is obtained from the continuous observation of your browsing habits, which allows us to develop a specific profile in order to show you appropriate advertising.
  8. Plug-in cookies for tracking on social networks: plug-in cookies for exchanging social content may be used by third parties to track people, both members and non-members of social networks, in order to include behavioral advertising or for market analysis and investigation. The privacy implications of this type of cookies depend on each social network and on the privacy settings configured on each one.
  9. First-party cookies: these are the cookies generated by our own website,
  10. Third-party cookies: these are the cookies installed by a website other than This SITE may use third-party services which will gather information for statistical purposes regarding the use of the website by the user and for the provision of other services related to the activity of the website and other internet services.


It is possible that when the user browses or makes use of the SITE, they receive first-party and third-party cookies, which will be stored on their computer. In our case, we use these cookies to collect information about your online habits in order to improve your browsing experience. We also use them to guarantee an excellent experience that is smooth and personalized.

Please note that the cookies used on are only associated with an anonymous USER and their computer. They do not provide references which reveal the USER’s name and last name. They cannot read data from their hard drive, nor can they include viruses in their texts. Likewise, cannot read the cookies that are embedded on the USER’s hard drive from other servers.

We will not use cookies to:

  • Gather personally identifiable information (without express permission)
  • Gather sensitive information (without express permission)
  • Share personal information with third parties.


We try to keep this list of cookies updated with the cookies that we use at all times. However, it is possible that there may be modifications which take a while to be registered.

In any case, the USER may see the cookies that are installed on their browser at any given moment, see the duration of each cookie and delete it should they consider it necessary.

Technical cookies 

PHPSESSIDDuration of the sessionSaves the variables from the
session on the web server. This
cookie is essential for the
functioning of the website.
Sessionsimulador – sesionDuration of the sessionCookie used to store login
information on the CloudLabs
Store platform on the user’s
__cfduid1 yearIdentifies trustworthy web trafficCloudFlare
player1 yearNeeded to show Vimeo videos on
the website.
Vuid2 yearStores information about how
Vimeo videos are used.
NID1 yearUsed to remember
preferences such as
preferred language, number
of search results and if the
Google SafeSearch filter is
activated or deactivated.
Lang Used to remember the
language preference.

Personalization cookies

NID1 yearUsed to remember preferences such as preferred language, number of search results and if the Google SafeSearch filter is activated or deactivated.Google
Lang Used to remember the language preference.Cloudlabs

Analytics cookies:

_gid24 hoursUsed to give a different indentification code to each page and to indicate the date.Google Analytics
_ga2 yearsUsed to distinguish users by storing the identification code.Google Analytics
_gat1 minuteUsed to limit the percentage of requestsGoogle Analytics
_gat_gtag_UA_Until the end
of the session
Used to measure how users interact with our website.Google Analytics
__utma2 yearsGenerally created on the first visit and used to determine each visitor to the website. If the cookie is deleted, it will be reset on the next visit.Google Analytics
__utmb30 minutesUsed to determine new sessions or visits on the website. If a user returns, Google Analytics updates the cookieGoogle Analytics
__utmt10 minutesUsed to limit the percentage of requests.Google Analytics
__utmz6 monthsThis cookie saves information which explains how the user arrived at the website. It is used to identify the traffic coming from advertising campaigns. The cookie is updated each time a user visits a page.Google Analytics
Duration of the sessionUsed to measure, analyze and improve the use of the website.Hotjar
_hjid1 yearEstablished when the client visits the page for the first time. Used to conserve the Hotjar user ID. This guarantees that the user’s activity will be attributed to the same ID on future visits.Hotjar

Advertising cookies:

_fbp1 dayUsed by Facebook to offer a series of adevrtising products, such as real-time offers from third-party advertisers.Facebook
ANID2 yearsContains a unique randomly generated value which enables differentiation between different browsers and devices. Used to measure the performance of advertisements and provide recommendations for products based on statistical data.Google Ads
1P_JAR15 daysUsed to determine how the final user uses the website and to identify any advertisement that the user has seen before visiting said website.Google
IDE1 year and 7
Used to improve advertising.Google
_gcl_au3 monthsUsed by Google AdSense to experiment with advertising effectiveness through the websites that use their services.Google

Social media plug-ins:

fr90 daysThese connect the website to Facebook and detect the number of “likes” or if the user has logged into Facebook.Facebook
__stid1 yearUsed to track the number of clicks on any option from ShareThis.Share This


In order to inform the users of the SITE about the use of cookies and our cookie
policy, we have created a notification which opens as soon as the user starts browsing
the SITE.


The USER can accept the use of cookies and our cookie policy by clicking on the
“Agree” button in the notification about the use of cookies.

If you do not want this website to install cookies on your device, you have the possibility of not accepting the policy when you enter the website for the first time by clicking on the “Disagree” button.


The USER can freely decide whether the cookies used on are embedded on their hard drive or not. In this sense, the user can, at any moment, set
their browser to accept or reject all cookies by default or to receive a notification on the screen about each cookie and decide at that moment whether it is embedded on their hard drive or not.

Even when the USER sets their browser to reject all cookies or expressly the cookies from, they will be able to browse the SITE with the only inconvenience of not being able to enjoy those features which require cookies to be installed.


The USER can, at any moment, delete any of the cookies which are on their device.


The cookies settings are particular to each browser and computer used to access the SITE. Therefore, we have included the instructions for the main browsers.

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