Boost your children's knowledge while they play and have fun

You are one step away from turning your kids into scientists by helping them discover, explore, and learn science and math in an interactive, exciting, and fun way.
Boost your children's academic level while they play and learn.

At CloudLabs your children can learn:

Natural Science

Have you ever been asked why is there day and night? Why do fish die outside of water? or why does water turn into ice? Cloudlabs Natural Sciences seeks to answer these and many other curious questions children have while facing challenges in real-life scenarios.

26 USD/year

It includes


Can you imagine learning mathematics whiletraveling through a prehistoric animal museum, making pizzas and salads, or going on an African safari expedition? Meet different and exciting ways to learn with CloudLabs Mathematics.

30 USD/year

It includes

Social Sciences

Would you like to travel back in time to avoid tragic historical events, find a lost treasure, or be a captain and sail the ocean? With CloudLabs Social Sciences, you can do this and much more while having fun playing.

22 USD/year

It includes

Our platform is an ecosystem that offers you una experiencia completa e interactiva

Our Elementary STEM platform includes

Story telling

Voice over

included in each of the simulations

Selection of Avatar or character

in each of the simulations

Sound effects


With emojis as positive reinforcement

Assisted aids

that seek to ensure the completion of the practices

Nuestra plataforma es un ecosistema que te ofrece una experiencia completa e interactiva.
You are one step away from turning your children into scientists, discovering, exploring and learning science and mathematics in an interactive, exciting, and fun way.
Let your children experience the world of science and mathematics through our gamified simulation environments.
Invest in your children's future by letting them learn with our gamified simulations of elementary education in STEM areas.
Make your children's screen time worthwhile through gamified simulations in natural sciences, social sciences, and mathematics.

Explore more areas at
other educational levels

CloudLabs cuenta con áreas especializadas de educación media, allí encontrarás 274 simulaciones y 64 unidades de aprendizaje.

Middle and
High School

At this educational level, you will find areas such as Biology, Physics, General Chemistry, High School and Middle School Mathematics, Programmable Automatons, Robotics, Simple Machines, and Mechanisms.

En CloudLabs los estudiantes de educación superior podrán poner aprueba sus conocimientos en más de 266 simulaciones y 71 unidades de aprendizaje.


At this educational level, you will find areas such as Physics I and II, General and Analytical Chemistry, Mathematics, Biotechnology, Programmable Automatons, Process Control, Sensors and Actuators, Microcontrollers, Electricity, and Electronics.

CloudLabs Gestión Ambiental permite el estudio de diferentes procesos y fenómenos que afectan el medio ambiente, orientados siempre a resolver


At this educational level, you will find areas such as Agriculture, Programmable Automats, Biotechnology, Process Control, Electricity, Robotics, Simple Machines and Mechanisms, Microcontrollers, Electrical Networks, Sensors and Actuators, Alternative Energies, Environmental Management, and Administration.

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