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CloudLabs allow the student to interact freely with the materials and reagents and gives him the opportunity of trial and error as a learning strategy.

María Elena Duarte
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Excelente experiencia

CloudLabs es lo más cercano de estar en un laboratorio de forma presencial, facilitando no solo una experiencia dentro de lo práctico, sino también abriendo puertas a la interpretación y debate. Lo que más me ha gustado de esta plataforma es que cada práctica de Laboratorio es llevada a casos reales donde cada estudiante debe ponerse en el roll de profesional, adicional a ello evalúa de forma inmediata y no solo es el desempeño práctico sino también el conceptual.

Muy contenta con CloudLabs y las personas qué están detrás son muy profesionales y presentan un excelente servicio.

Juliana Jaramillo Hurtado

UTP continúa innovando en transformación digital, desde ahora contará con los Simuladores de Laboratorios CloudLabs

La Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira inició proyecto de implementación de simuladores de laboratorio CloudLabs para los cursos de Física I, Física II y Física III. Nos agrada formar parte de este proyecto que inicialmente beneficiará a más de 1.300 estudiantes de la universidad.   Click aquí para acceder a la nota completa


Herramienta fantástica

Es una herramienta que me ha ayudado bastante en esta contingencia por COVID-19 dado que puedo llevar a cabo prácticas por medio de una videollamada y así mis alumnos pueden sentirse en un entorno de aprendizaje real. Ideal tanto para una institución que no cuenta con insumos así como complementar las actividades on line para los docentes que lo requieren.

Marcelo Guzman

Laboratory practices with Cloudlabs

I had a different approach to the free pendulum practice, we used it to verify the value of gravity on planet earth, the result we came up to was 9.81 m/s2″

Other experiences with cloudLabs on the youtube channel

Alfonso Gutierrez
IPAC - Ecuador

A good experience with Cloudlabs

Among the advantages found in the use of this type of laboratory are that there are no complications or limitations with the use of resources and supplies. Since it is performed virtually, unlimited repetitions of the work can be performed. Additionally, the time factor is essential in all of this; virtual practices can be a little more agile, and students can dedicate more time to analyzing and building their arguments related to the practice.


Nice App for chemistry

Students’ response to the practices in the simulator. Learning is grounded in the laboratory in relation to the curriculum. The simulator helps and encourages students to stay focused during practices and motivates them to carry out the activities given.

Erika Ruibal Milesi

We really enjoy CloudLabs, Thanks!

CloudLabs is a very good tool that has allowed me to perform practices in the areas of chemistry, physics and mathematics, without worrying about the risks in handling equipment and supplies throughout the practices. This tool, combined with class dynamics and reflection, help my students to improve their grades and further internalize the concepts. For example, traditionally when a topic was discussed at the beginning of the year and then retaken in the second or third term, it was necessary to teach the topic again. Now, using this tool, it is not necessary to do a complete review, but rather a simple review to return to the concept and address the new topic.

Natalia Calao

We were surprised at the possibilities of laboratory practices!

The use of the CloudLabs laboratory simulators has allowed us to make activities related to tracking students’ progress and scores in laboratory practices much more efficient. We implemented this tool a year ago, and we are very happy with it, as we have seen a greater interest in classes from students and an improvement in grades. On various occasions, we have used the virtual laboratory practices in parallel with real practices and we have been surprised by the result. Students initially prepare with a virtual practice, such as density of solids, and then when they carry out the real practice, they do so with more precision. This notably decreases the risk of accidents and demonstrates that they have internalized the knowledge. The results have been so good that we are beginning to implement other laboratories in the areas of automation and engineering.

Alexander Londono

With CloudLabs learning is more effective. Do laboratory practices that will allow you to develop soft skills while applying specific knowledge in a real context.


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