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Virtual STEM


On which device can I use CloudLabs with the license I purchased?

You can access CloudLabs on any device with an internet connection by visiting through a web browser.

What internet capacity do I need to have to connect to CloudLabs?

The optimal connectivity for the correct functioning of the CloudLabs platform is 20 MB of Internet; if you have less bandwidth, you can still access it, but it may take a bit longer to load.

Is the platform where my child logs in secure?

Yes, the CloudLabs platform is safe, free of viruses, advertising, and inappropriate content.

If I have a technical problem with the platform, where can I contact you?

If you have any technical issues with the platform, you can contact support via Freshdesk or send an email to

Does my license renew automatically?

No, renewal is not automatic. You must decide whether you want to purchase a CloudLabs license again.

What support elements do CloudLabs simulated environments bring?

You will have curricular content in the learning units, which reinforce the theoretical concepts of the laboratory practices, as well as pedagogical guides that you can download here, find the area you purchased and access the guides for each simulation.

Should I run simulations in a specific order to help my child learn the concepts more effectively?

The simulations can be run in any order you like; the goal is for your child to learn the concepts and develop different skills.

If I restart a simulation do I lose all the information?

If you press the “Trash Can Icon” button, the laboratory environment will be reset; however, you can keep the information entered in the data log and additional questions sections.

Can I close a simulation and then pick up where I left off?

No, the simulations are designed to be developed as you enter each. If for any reason, you have to interrupt their development, you will be able to generate the laboratory report. However, your grade may be affected if you haven’t completed all the data log fields.

If you have any additional questions regarding the CloudLabs gamified simulated environment tools, you can find information in the Activation Guide.

If my child cannot solve a simulation, does CloudLabs provide any support or tutoring?

Remember that you can explore the learning unit and pedagogical guide, however, if you require additional support you can contact our support channels.