FAQs CloudLabs Virtual STEM

Virtual STEM


What is CloudLabs?

CloudLabs is a virtual learning environment in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and professional areas, composed of laboratory simulators. It aims to promote learning through challenges and real situations allowing the development of scientific skills.

In what language is CloudLabs available?

CloudLabs is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Are all laboratories the same?

We have laboratories in more than 20 areas of knowledge.

What is CloudLabs Academy?

CloudLabs Academy is the educational community of CloudLabs Virtual STEM, where teachers will find guides, video tutorials, support and other resources to make the most of the laboratory practices.

On which device can CloudLabs be used?

CloudLabs can be accessed via a web browser as well as native apps on Android, Windows, MacOS, and iOS devices*.

How much does a license cost?

At CloudLabs we have different packages depending on the student’s level of education (primary, secondary and higher education). For more information, visit

Do I need an internet connection to use CloudLabs?

CloudLabs can be used offline. This process consists of downloading the app to your device. Once the resources are installed, you will be able to use them without an Internet connection.

What benefits do I get when I purchase the license?

With the license you will have access to:

  • Laboratory simulators.
  • Learning units.
  • Classroom manager.
  • CloudLabs Academy.
  • Teacher training.
  • Capacitaciones para docentes.

If I have a problem with the platform, where can I contact you?

If you have any problems with the platform you can contact support through Freshdesk, email, online chat, or our whatsapp at no additional cost.

Can CloudLabs be linked with the LMS we manage?

CloudLabs can be linked to the institution’s LMS through LTI.

Does CloudLabs fit my country's curriculum?

We have a pedagogy team that can perform the curriculum correlation of our simulators according to the curriculum of the country interested in including CloudLabs in its curriculum.