Cómo se puede potenciar el aprendizaje activo con CloudLabs

How Active Learning Can Be Enhanced with CloudLabs

The integration of theory and practice is essential in education, and CloudLabs makes it possible to combine both aspects in the same learning environment. CloudLabs’ gamified simulation environments provide the conceptual content and tools required for students to apply the concepts addressed, allowing them to acquire meaningful knowledge from their experiences.

CloudLabs offers an active learning model from elementary through higher education, focused on STEM and vocationally oriented areas. This ecosystem enables students to experiment practically and safely with concepts specific to each discipline, thus facilitating their understanding and knowledge acquisition in various disciplines.

In addition, CloudLabs adapts to the hybrid education model, which combines face-to-face education with digital resources in a virtual learning environment. CloudLabs’ gamified simulation environments offer a wide variety of units, learning guides, video tutorials, and specialized teacher resources.

Cómo se puede potenciar el aprendizaje activo con CloudLabs

Boosting STEM Learning

Teachers play a key role in the use of CloudLabs as an educational tool. They can guide their students in exploring gamified simulation environments, helping them learn through real-life contexts and assume relevant roles in each situation or challenge presented in each simulation. This allows students to associate the concepts addressed with their real-world environment, thus promoting a deeper understanding of the content.

CloudLabs has attractive gamified scenarios integrated into a single platform, which promotes the integration of different areas such as biology, physics, chemistry, and mathematics, as well as technical and vocational areas. It is especially useful for students in higher and technical education seeking to acquire practical skills and knowledge in a safe and controlled environment.

Cómo se puede potenciar el aprendizaje activo con CloudLabs

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Active and Meaningful Learning in a Gamified Environment

The CloudLabs methodology focuses on generating active student participation in the learning process. It promotes learning by doing and motivates them to investigate, explore, and experiment, among other activities.

These skills are essential, as they provide students with the tools to effectively cope with everyday life situations. That is why in CloudLabs, children and young people become the protagonists of their own learning, as it facilitates a better understanding of the concepts covered in class and improves the development of skills and competencies. Through gamified simulation environments, students explore different real-life situations, solve challenges, and acquire significant knowledge from their experiences.

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