How to improve the job profile of students for the jobs of the future?

Currently, digital transformation and new technologies have made the labor market look for flexible profiles that respond to a demand that did not exist before. Therefore, today we’d like to discuss how to strengthen students’ job profiles for the jobs of the future.

Technological advances have permeated almost all areas of life, including, of course, the labor market. This sector is undergoing a major transformation due to the impact of new technologies, leading to the creation and modification of professional profiles, which must be increasingly specialized and dynamic. The digitalization of society, although not a new development, has been accelerated by the rise of teleworking, the growing need to communicate with the world, the search for new forms of entertainment, and even by new commercial dynamics which has allowed other fields and areas to be enhanced.

According to studies, approximately 85% of the jobs related to new technologies are not yet consolidated. As a result, the education sector has begun to take action to train future professionals with the necessary skills so that they have decisive, dynamic, and flexible profiles with a high capacity to adapt to the rapid changes that the world of work is experiencing.

So, you might be wondering: How do you improve students’ job profiles for the jobs of the future? The answer is simple: through STEM education.

STEM Training

Analytical thinking and active learning are highly demanded competencies in today’s labor market, but they are not the only ones. Other skills are required, most of which are integrated into the methodology applied in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) careers, making them among the most compatible with current economic, educational, and social changes.

The STEM model provides interdisciplinary training, promoting skills for critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, leadership, and innovation, among others. Meeting the demands of a new economy in which companies require professionals who can integrate much more into the company’s strategy and evolution, as well as meeting the technological changes that are accelerating and that many learning platforms are not prepared to meet.

STEM education comes to respond to the global labor demand, and therefore, we present 5 reasons to have an education under this model.

STEM profile advantages:

  1. Great projections for ICT careers. Some of the fields that will generate more employment are robotics, big data, cybersecurity, cloud computing, and blockchain.
  2. Improve employability and reduce competition.
  3. Training in transversal competencies.
  4. Active participation in technological and scientific advances.
  5. Access to organizations with a strong corporate culture and competitive salaries.

In conclusion, careers related to the STEM model create opportunities for professionals who are in the process of training and for those who want to advance their careers. For this reason, CloudLabs Virtual STEM provides the tools to accomplish this through its broad portfolio of virtual laboratories, equipped with technological elements and many other instruments. They make learning a unique learning experience and allow students to widely adapt to labor demands and improve their job profile to meet the needs of a globalized world.


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