How to increase productivity in the learning process?

Productivity is a concept that is present in both work and student life. It is an ability that we constantly seek. However, it is often difficult to achieve because time is not always on our side. Fortunately, today we find tools that help us facilitate the learning process, and here we share them with you to be more productive in the educational environment.

Today, we find ourselves in a society that has become more results-oriented. That is, we are focused on effectiveness and performance. For that reason, it is useless to be talented in any activity if it takes days to develop a job or task that can be completed in just a few hours, then the talent would be dulled by the lack of productivity.

To understand how to increase your productivity and learn more effectively, let’s first define this term:

What is productivity?

Productivity is a term that refers to the relationship between the results obtained and the time invested to achieve them. That is to say, we become more productive when we achieve the best results in the shortest possible time.

A situation that exemplifies this concept better is when a student studies a topic, reviews his notes, and after a long time, it becomes clear. However, he/she realizes that the whole afternoon was spent in only one subject and there is no more time left for the others. In other words, it was unproductive.

However, productivity is not only a matter of time; it also depends on resources. Nowadays, these resources can be explored from a digital approach, understanding that digital and interactive learning are also part of globalization.

Therefore, it is vital to be clear about the relationship between the use of time and productivity. Below, we will present some tips to develop this skill.

How to increase productivity in the learning process?

Improve your study techniques

Several study techniques can help you speed up your learning process in a more enjoyable and effective way, such as underlining, memorizing, associating, and repeating. You can also use platforms that help you learn by facing challenges through experimentation. The goal is to determine which one is best for you.

Tidy up your study space

Having a clean and tidy workspace encourages productivity. It seems improbable, but it’s true. Having your space organized will prevent you from getting distracted, which will allow you to improve your experience and keep focused on what is important.

Prioritize your tasks

It is not advisable to multitask. Focus your mind and attention on the work you are doing so that you obtain better results. For this reason, it is crucial to prioritize activities according to their level of importance. To do so, you can use a checklist to organize your task accomplishment and keep track of them.


Experimentation is a method that promotes learning and research. It helps students internalize the knowledge that will allow them to develop thinking skills and abilities.

Integrate interactive platforms

Today, there are many platforms, such as CloudLabs Virtual STEM, that offer practical and enjoyable learning experiences of experimental areas through didactic and modern practices that captivate students’ interests and motivate them to develop critical thinking. Furthermore, they facilitate the meaningful appropriation of knowledge, forging skills to investigate, discover, and develop their own learning.

Learn about an interactive learning method to improve your productivity.

Cloudlabs is a multilingual platform that offers 568 gamified virtual laboratory simulators in 20 areas of knowledge at different educational levels, from elementary school, high school to middle and higher education. Integrating technology with the world of science under the STEM methodology.

It is an innovative and practical method that facilitates the assimilation of  concepts in an effective and efficient way, thereby increasing productivity.  If you want to learn more about it, here is a video for you to explore the simulators.


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