Remote laboratories

Hybrid Laboratories

Our hybrid laboratories are simulation environments that combine virtual scenarios and physical stations equipped with real materials, using a challenge-based learning. In these laboratories, students have synchronous access to physical equipment from any remote location, as well as the CloudLabs ecosystem and its associated resources.

Characteristics of Hybrid Laboratories

  • The didactic stations are designed based on laboratory practices and are pedagogically supported by challenge-based learning.

  • The laboratories have a hybrid control system for developing practices both in person and remotely.

  • Real-time monitoring is possible through a graphical interface via a camera.

  • IoT communication allows real-time monitoring through a Digital Twin.

Characteristics of remote laboratories

Didactic Stations

Hybrid laboratories integrate complex real-world systems safely and didactically, allowing the exploration of concepts such as sensors, automation, electricity, and robotics. The following didactic stations are available:

AC motor

Circuit training

Servo motor basic principles trainer

PLC programming training system

Robotics training system