Importance of storytelling. The transformation of education is leading to a change in teaching methodologies.

Importance of Storytelling

The transformation of education is leading to changes in teaching methodologies. Therefore, new techniques are being implemented so that students can take ownership of their learning process. One of them is storytelling. In this blog, we will talk about its importance in the classroom.

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What is Storytelling?

“Storytelling comes from the English words story and telling. It is a digital resource handled in various fields” (Crespo, 2021, p.125). It has also been called ‘the art of telling stories’ with the objective of captivating, reflecting,  and connecting the audience with the information being transmitted.

This approach has been of great importance in education since it strengthens knowledge through a creative, playful, and interactive environment, in which students feel like the main protagonists and are immersed in the stories the teacher narrates.

According to Joe Lambert, founder of the Story Center in California, storytelling should be approached based on ‘the four Cs’: context, in which the story is introduced; crisis, where unanticipated events or situations occur; change, in which the consequences of actions are presented; and conclusion, where the narrative comes to an end with a particular event (Verdesoto et al, 2017).

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Benefits of Using Storytelling in the Classroom

  • Allow the connection between theory and the real world.
  • Facilitate concept recall
  • Promote critical thinking
  • Build knowledge from experience and storytelling
  • Increase the creativity and imagination of teachers and students
  • Improve communication skills
Importance of storytelling. The transformation of education is leading to a change in teaching methodologies.

The teachers play a significant role in the storytelling approach since they are in charge of telling creative and dynamic stories that help their students learn through each situation.

Currently, different technological tools facilitate storytelling in the classroom, for example, videos or laboratory simulations, which have a narrative style, promoting knowledge acquisition.

At CloudLabs, we tell stories based on challenges and characters. For instance, before starting elementary school simulations (Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, and Mathematics) students must choose an avatar, which will help them to interact with all the tools within the development of the practice. Following this, they will find a video in which their character has a conversation with a teacher about the mission and the challenge to be solved in an authentic and fun environment.

Likewise, within the learning units, students can interact with the theoretical content and exercise application, through a character guided by the teacher, who will explain the necessary elements to support understanding.

If you want to learn more we invite you to continue navigating our website.

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