Pedagogical Approach

Pedagogical Approach

Our pedagogical approach incorporates STEM model elements and active methodologies that foster teamwork and promote knowledge construction, skills development, and meaningful learning. Through the use of real-world scenarios and situations, students are able to gain a better understanding of the concepts and how to apply them to everyday situations.

Competencies that are developed and strengthened through the use of CloudLabs

Likewise, following CloudLabs virtual gamified scenarios’ purpose, the simulations promote inquiry, exploration, and discovery. Additionally, simulations enhance decision-making and critical thinking skills through gamification and collaborative work.

Students take on an active role in their learning process. Therefore, based on the simulation events and scenarios, students can record the variables that allow them to verify previous hypotheses and analyze and evaluate scenarios autonomously and creatively. In other words, they are their learning managers, without overlooking the fundamental role teachers play in this process. They are mediators and facilitators who generate meaningful learning experiences for their students.

Competencies that are developed and strengthened through the use of CloudLabs

Integrating Project

The main characteristic of the integrative projects is that they allow the understanding of concepts from different areas that are articulated in the same situation and each of them will contribute to the solution of the proposed challenge.

Alignment with CCSS and NGSS Standards

Mathematics and Sciences are a critical part of CloudLabs Virtual STEM. Thus, it is  possible to transform  minds  by  combining knowledge, learning, games, and technology, using  a  platform  enriched with  complete and dynamic  tools  for  schools and universities to provide their students with the possibility of learning in an  engaging and meaningful way. CloudLabs has all the technological and pedagogical infrastructure elements needed to meet the demand for experiential learning.

Learning in context

There are over 600 gamified simulation environments that prioritize context-based learning, and students make effective use of technological tools that bring them closer to real-life contexts in a completely virtual environment.




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