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Integrating Project

Through this interdisciplinary training pedagogical tool, which links simulations from different knowledge areas within a framework to solve a more complex challenge, students can interact with various simulated scenarios when addressing concepts that may seem unrelated to each other. This helps energize an interdisciplinary approach in the classroom.

The overall goal of the integrative project is to identify how to use different tools focused on two or more knowledge areas, thus improving reading comprehension, scientific reasoning, and decision making for practical problem solving. This will enhance collaborative work and digital skills that will transform the way the student learns and applies that knowledge.

The main characteristic of the integrative projects is that they allow the understanding of concepts from different areas that are articulated in the same situation and each of them will contribute to the solution of the proposed challenge.

Integrating Project
Learning Sequences

Didactic Sequences

When we implement CloudLabs Virtual STEM in a new educational institution, the project execution team, in collaboration with the pedagogy team, focuses on equipping teachers with the tools and strategies they need to effectively use and integrate simulations their classes. This ensures that teachers have the necessary resources to provide meaningful, engaging learning experiences that promote student engagement and success.

Thus, one of the most essential components of this program is the support it offers to teachers. This program is designed to provide teachers wit the necessary tools to ensure successful integration of laboratory simulations into students ́learning processes.

Through tailored training and consulting sessions, we create spaces where teachers can collaborate, construct, and enhance their classroom practices through didactic sequences which details the objectives and concepts that will be appropriated within each simulation and follows a path to implement each simulation practice with the students.

Why does CloudLabs implement integrative projects and didactic sequences?

Integrative projects provide an invaluable opportunity for collaborative and interdisciplinary work between teachers and students as the involve 3-5 simulations related to a single, complex, and relevant challenge. This encourages collaborative and interdisciplinary work between teachers and students. For example, if the project consists of laboratory practices in the areas of biology, agriculture, and mathematics, the teachers of these three areas can work together for students to develop part of the project in each of their classes this not only facilitates the use of  CloudLabs® laboratories but also integrates the knowledge of different areas with the students´ daily experiences.