Get to know the significant experiences of those who are already part of our community, you will discover how CloudLabs transforms the learning process.

Testimonials and Experiences

Significant Experiences

Get to know the significant experiences of those who are already part of our community.

CloudLabs at Elizabeth Public Schools, New Jersey: - "Interactive & User-friendly Platform"

We had a fantastic kick-off in our first project with the Public School System in the US. We signed a partnership with Elizabeth Public Schools for implementing CloudLabs in their Bilingual Program.

CloudLabs at Elizabeth Public Schools, New Jersey - Sandra Nunes

“It’s very appealing and the step-by-step really helps students understand the process whether its with math or science.”
Sandra Nunes
Director at Bilingual ELS Education

CloudLabs at Elizabeth Public Schools, New Jersey - Rebecca

“I thank CloudLabs for this opportunity, for coming here and training our teachers, and going out of their way to really make our teachers feel comfortable, we really appreciate it.”

Rebecca S. Orellana
M.Ed Supervisor at Bilingual and ESL Education

CloudLabs at Somerset Academy South Homestead, Florida

This occasion at Somerset Academy South Homestead in Florida as part of a pilot project we are running at ACADEMICA, a global network of public charter schools. Students and teachers have started to use Cloudlabs to apply math concepts in real-life situations.

CloudLabs at Elizabeth Public Schools, New Jersey - Ana Leyva

CloudLabs at Elizabeth Public Schools, New Jersey - Luis Quito

CloudLabs at Somerset Academy South Homestead, Florida

CloudLabs at #NSTA23 in Atlanta, Georgia

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What our users say about us

Fernando Carrascal

Teacher Center of Industry and Services SENA Meta

‘It complements the primary knowledge given in our pedagogical planning according to the results inherent in the competencies. According to the current social situation, it is a strategic tool for our learners to interact and feel that this application is identical to the real situations of job’

Julián Nicolás Cruz

Teacher Center of Agricultural Biotechnology SENA Mosquera

‘I recommend CloudLabs because it is a platform that allows the simulation of a real environment taken to virtuality Additionally, it guides apprentices of each procedure focused on some specific areas. It is also an interactive platform, easy to access and with diverse contents in different simulations’.

Clara P. Villabona

Teacher Industrial Center for Comprehensive Maintenance SENA Santander

‘I recommend CloudLabs because of its interactivity, support and mentoring, as well as up-to-date and easy-deployment tools. What I like most about CloudLabs is the variety of updated contents and the easy management of practices’.

Diana Isabel León

Teacher National Center ASTIN SENA Valle

‘I recommend CloudLabs because I consider it is a tool that allows apprentices to interact in a virtual way with activities related to a laboratory, identify materials, equipment, procedures and reactions that belong to that specific space’.

Erwin Francisco Purizaca

Physics Teacher Ato Juan Velasco Alvarado CONCYTEC

‘All in accordance. Congratulations for the good product that you offer us, very didactic, attractive to students and it has served as a very eligible tool at this pandemic times’.

Rene Alejandro Luna

Automation and Robotics Teacher INET

‘The product and service are excellent, which is why it is necessary to generate permanent links with educational and governmental institutions, in order to have access to your benefits more frequently’.

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Implementation Projects

CloudLabs' Gamified Simulation Environments Project to Support Comprehensive Professional Training at SENA Colombia

This project aims to implement a library of gamified simulation environments to motivate and strengthen the comprehensive training of apprentices in degree and complementary programs at SENA Colombia. This is achieved through challenge-based learning, which encourages decision-making, problem-solving in real-life situations, and the development of various competencies at a professional level.

Educational Transformation Projects in the Department of Risaralda, Colombia

In Risaralda, Colombia, different educational institutions have implemented CloudLabs’ gamified simulation environments. This project enables students to learn and strengthen their knowledge of natural sciences, mathematics, and social sciences while exploring various real-life situations presented in the simulations. CloudLabs empowers students to be the protagonists of their own learning, facilitating a better understanding of the concepts taught in class and improving the development of skills and competencies required for the academic process.