Can you imagine learning while having fun? CloudLabs makes it possible

Can you imagine
learning and having fun?

CloudLabs makes it possible

At CloudLabs Virtual STEM, we offer a challenge-based learning methodology that promotes experimentation and discovery

At CloudLabs Virtual STEM, we believe in a challenge-based learning approach that encourages students to explore, inquire and experiment with confidence. Our methodology helps foster critical thinking, decision-making, and problem-solving skills.

Through our gamified platform students have a leading role in their learning process, as being involved motivates them to learn.

In CloudLabs, you will find a gamified platform, where students have a leading role in their learning process
Laboratorios virtuales para el estudio de la célula, los ecosistemas, los suelos, el origen y clasificación de los seres vivos, fotosíntesis, genética


Gamified simulation environments to study cellular systems, ecosystems, soils, the categorization of living organisms, photosynthesis, genetics, human body systems, and basic physics and chemistry concepts.

Virtual laboratories for the study of the cell, ecosystems, soils, the origin and classification of living beings, among others
Laboratorios virtuales de máquinas simples, transmisión y transformación de movimiento, sistemas combinacionales, microcontroladores


Gamified simulation environments help students develop their knowledge of simple machines, transmission and transformation of movement, combinational systems, microcontrollers, electronic control for home automation and shift systems, polar and 5-axis robotic arms, and line follower robots in a gamified learning environment. Through engaging activities and simulations, students can explore the application of these concepts to real-world scenarios, thus developing a better understanding of the underlying principles.

Virtual laboratories of simple machines, motion transmission and transformation, combinational systems, microcontrollers, electronic control, among others
Laboratorios virtuales con simuladores para prácticas relacionadas con sensores digitales, sensores analógicos, actuadores y elementos de control


Gamified simulation environments for practices related to digital sensors, analog sensors, actuators and control elements, PLC programming with Grafcet and Ladder language, on/off control and proportional control, among many others that you can find.
Virtual laboratories with simulators for practices related to digital sensors, analog sensors, actuators and control elements, PLC programming, among others
Laboratorios virtuales para prácticas relacionadas con operaciones, numeración y divisibilidad, geometría, proporcionalidad, y figuras planas, álgebra


Gamified simulation environments for practices related to numbering and divisibility, geometry, proportionality, and flat figures, algebra, systems of equations, quadratic function, trigonometric equations, statistics, and among others that you can find.
Virtual laboratories for practices related to operations, numeration and divisibility, geometry, proportionality, plane figures, algebra and systems of equations

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