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Discover laboratories from the areas of physics, chemistry, natural science, mathematics, technology, engineering, agriculture and electrical networks.


Virtual laboratories for the study of the cell, ecosystems, soils, the origin and classification of living beings, photosynthesis, genetics and human body systems, along with introductory concepts from the areas of physics and chemistry.


Virtual laboratories for the study of simple machines, transmission and formation of motion, combinational systems, microcontrollers, electronic control for domotics, polar and 5-axis robotic arms and line followers.


Simulators for practices related to digital sensors, analog sensors, actuators and control elements, PLC programming using GRAFCET language, on/off control and proportional control.


Virtual laboratories for practices related to operations, numbering and divisibility, geometry, proportionality and flat shapes, algebra, systems of equations, the quadratic function, trigonometric equations, statistics and more.

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